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Nazareth - Israel



The Arab city of Nazareth is Holy to Christians as this is the city in which Jesus grew up. In Hebrew it is called Natsrat, thus Jesus was known as a Nazarene and his followers became Nazarenes. In Hebrew: Notsrim. Archaeological findings indicate that Nazareth was populated already in the early Canaanite Period.

The city of Nazareth is located in the Galilee region and is first mentioned as a Jewish city in the New Testament and continued to be so after the destruction of the Second Temple. Jewish Nazareth was apparently destroyed following the Byzantines victory over the Persians in 614.

City of Nazareth  

This city of spirituality, holiness, religion and faith is the cradle of Christianity and has a rich and fascinating history.  There are monasteries and churches associated with a Christian tradition, the most important of these being the  Church of the Annunciation where according to Christian tradition the angel appeared before Mary to announce she would bear a son. Next to the Church of the Annunciation is the Church of Saint Joseph where according to tradition Joseph had his carpentry shop. There are also approximately 30 other churches as well as mosques and ancient synagogues.

Market in Nazareth

Nazareth’s Old City Market is well worth a visit, it has become an attraction due to the colourful stalls and the wide variety of fabrics, spices, local foods and souvenirs that offer an authentic Middle Eastern experience.



Our Introduction to the Holyland is just one of our many tours to Israel that take you to visit Nazareth


Карта Nazareth

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Church of The Annunciation

Church of The Annunciation

Visit the Church of the Annunciation in Nazareth where Mary was told by the Angel Gabriel that she would give birth to a son

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