4000 year old rare stone structure discovery

Israeli archeologists have discovered a mystifying ancient Dolmen in the Upper Galilee. This more than 4000 year old large Table-like stone structure is one of thousands found scattered around the Middle East from Yemen to Turkey as well as in many other countries around the world. In the Golan Heights in Northern Israel there are various different types identified and disseminated in clusters known as Dolmen fields.

The newly discovered Dolmen however is unique due to its very large dimensions, the structure surrounding it and the ceiling engraved with artistic decorations which have led to a research project that produced fresh revelations regarding the Dolmen anomaly in Israel.


aerial view               View from inside

Aerial view and view from inside the dolmen - Photos by Shmuel Magal, courtesy of the Israel Antiquities Authority


Inside the Dolmen the engravings were found on the ceiling of a very large chamber, approximately 2 x 3 meters covered by an enormous stone estimated to weigh a minimum of 50 tons and the drawings are the first ever documented in a Dolmen in the Middle East according to Uri Berger, an archaeologist with the Israel Antiquities Authority.

The Dolmen itself was enclosed within a very large 20 meter diameter stone heap, with four smaller Dolmens identified that were placed at the foot of the large decorated structures all within the large heap of stones.



From left, Prof. Gonen Sharon of Tel Hai College and Uri Berger of the Israel Antiquities Authority.

Photo by Shmuel Magal, courtesy of the Israel Antiquities Authority

The structure itself suggests a significant and entrenched Governmental system that was in place in the area during the middle of the Bronze Age  The construction of this structure must have required a large amount of manpower over a considerable amount of time which would have required the housing and feeding of many people. It would also have required a considerable amount of engineering and architectural knowledge to implement this long project.


beads found inside the dolmen

Colored beads were uncovered in the archaeological excavation inside the dolmen.

Photo by Shmuel Magal, courtesy of the Israel Antiquities Authority


The circumstances surrounding the construction of the dolmens, the technology involved and the culture of the people who built them remain one of the great mysteries of the archeology of Israel.

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