5 Must-see sites to visit in Israel

Israel has numerous amazing and interesting tourist sites but there are some that tour operators in Israel always advise tourists to see in order to fully realize the fantastic experience of visiting the Holy Land.




Jerusalem’s Old City

The old city of Jerusalem is holy for the world’s three monotheistic religions and ancient holy sites such as the Western Wall, The Church of the Holy Sepulcher and the Dome of the Rock.  It is about one square kilometer with winding passages and streets filled with shops and markets selling religious items and souvenirs as well as many food stalls. Of interest to all is the Tower of David museum that chronicles the history of the city.







Sea of Galilee

Always included in a Catholic Holy Land tour is The Sea of Galilee region which is situated in the Northern Galilee area of Israel and has changed very little since Jesus walked along its shores and began his ministry. There are numerous ways to explore the area.  From Tiberius and other spots around the lake it is possible to rent a bike and cycle along the Sea of Galilee Trail. There is also the Jesus Trail, which runs from Nazareth to the biblical site of Capernaum. A unique way of exploring the Lake area is to take a trip on a wooden boat in the style of a boat used in the time of Jesus (called a Jesus boat) which gives a unique view of the scenery from the time of the bible.







Masada and the Dead Sea

Masada is an ancient fortress built by King Herod on a mountaintop in southern Israel’s Judean desert. During the revolt against the Roman Empire a group of Jewish Zealots conquered the fortress which became their last stronghold when, after the Romans besieged Masada, they chose to commit suicide rather than be captured alive and conceding defeat. Today Masada has become a symbol of Heroism, courage and Martyrdom.

The fortress of Masada overlooks the Dead Sea which is the lowest place on Earth.  The sea itself is rich in minerals and a place of fascinating natural beauty as well as modern mineral spas. Because of the extremely high salt content it is practically impossible to swim in the Dead Sea and people who choose to bathe actually float on the surface of the water without sinking.







Tel Aviv-Jaffa

Tel Aviv is Israel’s second city and its cultural and commercial capital. Often referred to as “The City that never sleeps” due to its being a center for cuisine, culture and nightlife. Tel Aviv has a great deal to offer tourists including amazing beaches an outstanding promenade and prominent Museums as well as wonderfully restored neighborhoods like the White City of Bauhaus buildings and the ancient Port of Jaffa.








Originally an ancient Herodian Port City, Caesarea is situated on the Mediterranean Coast between Tel Aviv and Haifa. This magnificent restoration has become one of Israel’s most interesting and attractive archeological sites.  Concerts are held in the restored amphitheater during the summer months.






Tour operators in Israel are ready to help you plan your trip and ensure that you get to visit the above places and many more of the exciting and beautiful sites in Israel.



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