Chapel of Notre Dame

A Touch of French Christian Influence in Jerusalem.

On your soon to be  Holy Land Tours your Tour Operators in Israel will recommend a visit to the beautiful landscaped complex which houses the “Chapel of Notre Dame”, also known as “The Chapel of Our Lady of Jerusalem”. Notre Dame meaning “Our Lady”.

The name refers to the Blessed Virgin Mary, the patroness of the school and many churches and chapels in France are dedicated to her. We have our own Notre Dame here in Jerusalem to honour her.

Many Christian pilgrims of all dominations from around the globe come to Jerusalem and pay their respects to the beautiful chapel which was built in 1893 by a group of religious French pilgrims arriving in the Holy Land.


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It is a very impressive stone structure built next to the walls of the Old Holy City of Jerusalem alongside the French Hospital of St Louis Des Francais.

When planning your Holy Land Tours whether in a group or solo discuss with your Tour Operators in Israel what you would be interested in seeing. We will guide you. Adding the extra bit of history and the extra special sites will be what you remember about your trip. Especially when you have an experienced qualified guide telling all the stories and facts.

 1882 was the start of many Catholic French pilgrims making their way to the Holy Land. The French pilgrims collected generous donations and bought land next to the walls of the Old Holy City of Jerusalem.

In 1888 The Notre Dame of Jerusalem was established and ready to receive its first French Catholic pilgrims and the Notre Dame Chapel was completed in 1894.

In 1904 the Notre Dame guest house was completed and has since hosted thousands of Catholic pilgrims.

The complex houses a great statue of the Virgin Mary placed between the two towers overlooking the old city.  This statue is a replica of “Our Lady of Salvation ” in Paris. You can imagine having your mass or reflection time overlooking the old city in these impressive settings.


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France was the first nation to be granted special status in Jerusalem and the first capitulation contract ( white flag) was signed in 1535 between France and the Ottoman Empire.

The alliance protected the French Catholic priests, Orthodox Christians, Holy Catholic places and traders in the Holy Land.

So together with your Tour Operators in Israel when planning your Holy Land Tours  come and enjoy a touch of French Christianity and experience a reflection time surrounded by history which has attracted pilgrims worldwide.

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