Holy Land Tours from Holland

If you are planning a tour to the Holy Land from Holland, it is recommended that a tour operator be consulted in order to plan a trip to suit you.


Visitors to the Holy Land will be able to see many interesting and wonderful places including being able to follow the Stations of the Cross in the beautiful ancient city of Jerusalem as well as visit the Garden of Gethsemane and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and many other Christian religious sites.

There are many places that will be of interest in the Holy Land for visitors from Holland such as Nazareth the town where Jesus grew up. Visit the Church of the Annunciation and other fantastic religious historical sites.


Gethsemane       Marys Well Nazareth        


Travel to Capernaum where Jesus performed miracles and preached to the people and visit nearby Tagbha and the Mount of the beatitudes (the site of the Sermon on the Mount), then visit Tiberius on the shores of the Sea of Galilee.


During a visit to the Port City of Haifa, visitors to the Holy Land from Holland will have the opportunity to view the magnificent Bahai Temple with its world renowned inspiring gardens.  It is assured that everywhere in the Holy Land you will find historical and biblical sites, beautiful churches exhilarating market places and wonderful beaches.


  Tiberias        Bahai Temple in Haifa


There is a very wide choice of Holy Land tours from Holland  with places to go and sites to see are abundant.


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