Jericho is a city in the Southern Jordan Valley at the crossroads to Jerusalem and Beit Shean on the Eastern side of the Jordan. Although it is in an arid climate, Jericho has an abundance of water sources much like an oasis. Jericho is one of the most ancient cities in the world and has been populated from the Middle Stone Age. 

It was the first city conquered by Joshua and was included in the territory of the tribe of Benjamin. West of the city are Herod’s Winter Palaces. Palaces from the days of the Macabees and Herod are situated nearby as well as the remains of a large burial site. The remnants of a synagogue from the 6th century containing a mosaic floor were uncovered within the city.


View of Jericho                 Elisha's Spring Fountain  Jericho



Our Catholic Group Tour to the Holy Land takes you to Jericho as well as many other attractions in Israel.



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