Kfar Kedem Ancient Village

For those wishing to experience something different during their visit to the Holy Land,  Kfar Kedem is a fascinating place to see. Located in the lower Galilee about 20 minutes from Nazareth an ancient Galilean village has been recreated.


Kfar Kedem offers guests the opportunity to get a real sense of what life was like 2000 years ago in the Galilee by actually becoming involved in the daily life of ancient biblical times and taking part in the various activities and hearing the prophets words while threshing grain, pressing oil from olives and taking part in the production of milk, wool and bread as it was done in ancient times. Just to make this experience feel even more real, guests get to wear authentic period clothes.


 Kfar Kedem Kfar Kedem Galilee 


 The enriching historical and spiritual experience is led by professional guides after which tea can be  enjoyed in the Bedouin Tent or even a full biblical feast. This attraction gives a hands-on experience  and feeling of what life was like in biblical times.




"Wheat to Bread" – How are those fields of wheat turned into bread? Learn how to separate the wheat from the chaff, grind it into flour and bake fresh pita.


 "Greener pastures" – How is milk made into cheese and wool made into cloth? Follow in the shepherds' footsteps: Jacob and Sons, Moses and David. Savor the flavors they tasted. Inhale the aromas they smelled. Shear the sheep, spin the wool and milk the goats to make fresh cheese: You can spread it on the pita that you'll bake yourselves.


 Kfar Kedem 11   milking the goats     


 "The Olive Press" (seasonal - winter) – Learn how to produce olive oil.

Experience authentic ancient olive-pressing techniques. Pick, crush and press the olives, just as they did in Second Temple times. The oil can be used for food, for light, and even for cosmetics!


 "The Wine Press" (seasonal – summer) - This is a hands-on (and feet-on!) experience; turning grapes into wine as in the ancient wine presses. With your whole group grooving on the grapes, you can sing and tread to the rhythm.


A visit to Kfar Kedem is an all-round wonderful and unusual experience.







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