Travel Agents in Israel


The history, diversity and meaning of Israel are unparalleled, due to which the country attracts visitors from every part of the world. People visit Israel and the 

Holy Land on religious tours, educational tours and other vacation tours. Israel travel agencies play a vital role in helping visitors make their tours successful, 

enjoyable and memorable. Many agencies offer in-depth information on their websites to help visitors choose the kind of tour and itinerary that suits them. 

Tours of Israel, including the path of Exodus and the neighboring regions of the Holy Land are presented with clear itineraries and offered as tour packages.


Why use a travel agent?


There are many travel agents in Israel that have been in the industry for decades and are capable of arranging fascinating tours that appeal to religious 

scholars, Christians and church groups. The tours are not meant to capture the interest of pilgrims alone, but enable every kind of traveler to discover Israel 

and learn more about the country, with regard to the historical records and the modern day facts. Other groups that are interested in Israel tours include 

graduate schools and college groups. A big advantage of booking tours through Israel travel agencies is that they offer affordable packages with elaborate 

itineraries that cover all the significant pilgrim and tourist sites in a reasonable period of time.  


Caesarea                Eilat


Tour operators and travel agents give sufficient information about the weather conditions in the varying terrains of the land and during the different seasons. 

This would be of help to pack the appropriate clothing and meet out other requirements. Upon landing in Israel, visitors are met by Israeli guides who remain 

with them for the whole duration of the tour. Visitors are free from the worries of getting accommodated in a foreign environment because these guides are 

well-acquainted with the codes and conduct of the locality and fluent with the predominant languages.


Where to visit in Israel


Depending on the nature of the tour, such as Christian tours, Messianic groups or Jewish tours, the agent focus on the relevant sites to make the tour fruitful 

for visitors. Christian tours emphasize on the places associated with the life of Jesus namely, Bethlehem, Nazareth, Jericho, the Sea of Galilee, Capernaum, 

Mount Zion and other places where they can walk in His footsteps. Jewish tours center on the Wailing Wall, the Temple Mount and the tombs of their 

patriarchs. Holy shrines and mosques like the Al Aqsa Mosque are important to Muslims, while the Bahai Gardens at Haifa appeals to the Bahai faith. 

Jerusalem is the center of attraction for both pilgrims and tourists alike, with well-known places like the Holocaust Museum and a myriad of ancient sites. 

Tel Aviv, Eilat, Jaffa and the Judean Desert are some of the tourist attractions.



Church of All Nations            Boat on the Sea of Galilee  



Tourism occupies a big place in the Israeli economy, due to which there are many tourist agencies and Israel travel agencies that are dedicated to cater to 

the travel needs of pilgrims and tourists. Though the country is geographically small, it is culturally big and diverse. 

Therefore, it is advisable to seek the services of reliable agencies for a good itinerary and a knowledgeable guide.    



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