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Over the past centuries the Holy Land has been the focus of pilgrimage, owing to its religious and cultural importance. Tourists and pilgrims regularly travel to the Holy Land, which is the cradle of the major religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Israel is home to the majority of sacred sites related to Judaism and Christianity. The West Bank includes Hebron and Bethlehem, and Jordan contains sites that are related to Moses and Jesus. For Islam, the veneration of Jerusalem dates back to the days of Muhammad, who is said to have prayed facing this city, before being inspired to turn to Mecca.


Walking on the ancient rocks where Jesus once strolled or gazing upon the high places of worship is a matchless experience for pilgrims. The Jews and Christians lay hands on the smooth stones of the Western Wall and slip pieces of paper into the crevices to convey the names of their loved ones for God to remember. Mount Tabor is reminiscent of Deborah’s story and the transfiguration of Jesus. Driving towards the Dead Sea, across the wilderness brings to mind the path taken by Jesus after He got baptized. The Man of Galilee Museum displays the two-thousand-year-old boat unearthed in the year 1986, recalling the fishermen who became the disciples of Jesus.


   Westeren Wall      Mount Tabor


While these are just a few of the manifold experiences for visitors, many travel agencies have included some amazing destinations like Hirbet Midras of the Judean Hills and Tel Dan. The former is known for its Byzantine architecture church, which is said to be 1500 years old, and the latter is known for its impressive natural beauty. Tel Dan is nestled amidst lush flora on the Dan Spring, which flows from the slopes of Mount Hermon to the Sea of Galilee. It gives a view of the ‘High Places’, the Canaanite gate and a clear vista of Lebanon.  


  Banias       Jordan River


While touring the historic cities of the world, amidst the beauty and architecture pertinent to the glorious past, tourists get to re-live the Biblical events when they travel to the Holy Land. It is a good idea to have some knowledge of the Bible stories to get the essence of the tour and go back in time to breathe the culture and heritage. Apart from fulfilling the legal requirements of passport and visa for entering the Holy Land, visitors should also consider the season they choose to travel. The months from April to October are warm months and those from November through March are cooler.


Experienced tour operators ensure that your travel to the Holy Land is safe and memorable and take care of all the hotel and transportation arrangements. Apart from the spiritual experience, the natural beauty of the region is a feast to the eyes and there are numerous activities and tourist destinations to enjoy.

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