Yoga Arava Event

Yoga Arava Event - International Experience of Yoga & the Desert of Israel - 




The 7th annual event of Yoga Arava will take place in Israel’s Arava region covering a distance of over 200 km between Moshav Idan in the north to Kibbutz Eilot in the south, encompassing 40 different Yoga workshops in various styles and where the best teachers from a variety of streams will be gathering for the biggest yoga event in the Middle East


This event is produced with the cooperation of: The Regional Council of the Central Arava, The Regional Council of Hevel Eilot, The yoga Teachers Association, the Tourism Office of Israel, The office of regional cooperation and various desert production companies.


During its most beautiful season the desert summons us to take part in the yoga event of the year. For one weekend the entire Arava will be adorned in yoga. Throughout this enchanting weekend you will take part in a deep yoga workshop led by a respected teacher while being enveloped by the exhilarating desert landscape. Prepare for a weekend of introspection in which your yoga practice will gain a new perspective. The workshops in Yoga Arava feature special guest teachers from around the world as well as the best teachers in Israel.  On the Friday night the participants will gather for The Night of Unity  -  this special event will include sunset yoga at Timna Park, where we will have a powerful yoga practice of 108 sun salutations, followed by a live music set ending with Kabbalat Shabbat and a festive communal Shabbat dinner in a unique location.


Timna  Yoga Arava event


Timna Park




Some of the places where workshops are held:



Moa Oasis


Moa is a unique oasis which is located along the ancient Nabatean incense route and surrounded by vast untouched desert. It was founded for the purpose of being a home for a culture of peace, inner peace of each individual as well as between different races and cultures in society and especially between the human race and the natural living environment. Moa oasis provides a base for workshops, conferences and gatherings and was built through ecological and holistic vision.


MOA Tent  Moa


MOA Oasis




The Antelope Ranch


The Antelope Ranch contains a wide variety of different species of antelope, some of which are endangered, as well as various other types of animals and birds. They also have a huge wooden Noah’s Ark housing a number of varieties of animals many of which are for petting.


Antelope Ranch  Antelope Ranch






Timna Park


Timna Park is located in a horseshoe-shaped valley covering some 60,000 dunams (15,000 acres) surrounded by steep cliffs with Mount Timna in the center, 453 m (about 1500 feet) above sea level. This impressive resort combines splendid scenery with special antiquities and interesting history and is a geological window revealing a variety of minerals including copper, manganese and iron. There are many spectacular geological sights including the stunning Solomon’s Pillars, The Mushroom, the impressive Arches and many more.


Timna Park Israel





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