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Vered Hasharon offers high-quality, hand crafted and specially designed tours for you, throughout the Holy Land and region. Our tours include Faith-based pilgrimages, leisure tours and business tours including Hi-tech, agriculture and green energy. Our services include hotel bookings, transportation in luxury buses, touring with highly experienced guides, arranging conference rooms and facilities and meetings with companies in all fields of high-tech and agriculture.

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Also, the iphone still does not support video out (the galaxy s3 supports video output using hdmi via an adapter), and the galaxy s3 boasts a 790 hour standby time, compared to the iphone 5s 225 hour standby time. Phone specifications are not the only variable that people use in their decisions for a smartphone. We are always sensitive to the needs and concerns of our clients from the moment of first contact through the entire journey.  You can place your trust in our services with confidence as we take great pride in delivering what is promised and even exceeding expectations.

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You can count on us

Ce dernier reçoit un email du roi hercule iv qui lui demande de laide pour sauver sa fille la princesse, enlevée par le terrible chevalier noir. Ni une, ni deux, le voilà en route pour de nouvelles aventures dans 52 niveaux remplis dennemis et de pièges. When looking for a tour operator in Israel, Vered Hasharon is the ideal choice.  An experienced and professional company to assist you in planning your tour of the Holy Land, we are  dedicated to ensuring that you receive the highest standards of service from beginning to end. Let us make sure you enjoy a trip of a lifetime.

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