The Vered
Hasharon Story

Established in 1965, Vered Hasharon has more than 50 years of expertise crafting unforgettable tourism experiences. Starting out in Israel and the Middle East, we now delight travelers around the world, with offices in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Africa. We specialize in tailor-made tours which take excited and enriched travelers to countless destinations around the globe, from large groups, conventions, and businesses, to individual travelers.

You Dream, and We Achieve It.

The family behind the company

Mr DANNY AMIR - Managing Director

Managing Director
International Network

Mr MUSHI VERED - President & C.E.O

President & C.E.O –

Mr MIKE AMIR - Founder


Mr UZI VERED - Founder


DANA AMIR - Head of Innovative Business Development

Head of Innovative
Business Development

NAAMA VERED - Africa Department Operation and Marketing Development

Sales and Product Development

When you think
Vered Hasharon

You know that this is ethos you’re going to get:

• Deeply rooted in our company DNA is a respect for all religions, cultures, and people, alongside a true love for the tourist.

• Our tours are completely customized from the ground up. We are proud of our commitment to the personal touch, focusing on personalization and professionalism.

• We are a family-run business at heart. The third generation is currently working in the company today. That’s a dynasty of expertise worth listening to.

• We value quality. That’s why we create long-term partnerships with worldwide travel professionals and build mutual trust and respect that speaks for itself.

• We love a challenge, always searching for new adventures. For us no country is too far, no person is too remote & no culture is a barrier.


In the last 10 years
14,603 tours
281,785 travellers
63 countries

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danny amir

Managing Director International Network

Born in 1955 to Mike Amir, Danny Amir is a tourism expert in his own right. He has a Diploma from the Ministry of Tourism from 1981, having worked in the industry since 1976, joining the family business. Proud to work alongside his father, they turned Sharon Tours International Ltd into one of the premier tourism companies in the country. Working with Christians making their pilgrimages to Israel, and crafting real relationships with their customers.
Danny never forgets what his father told him in his childhood when they drove to Jerusalem and passed a bus with pilgrims going up to the Holy City:
“Danny, these people came here, probably for a once in a lifetime trip. You are fortunate to live here, able to drive to Jerusalem any day you wish”. This is the moment Danny recognizes as realizing his mission. To create tourism which goes far beyond booking a hotel or a bus.

Danny realized that modern day Israel can offer a much-needed added value to a classic pilgrimage. “One can be a pilgrim and yet a business person. It does not contradict.” He delights in offering pilgrims a way to gain knowledge and take vital skills back to their own countries.

“Enjoy the past, respect your faith, allow Israel to be a blessing to you wherever you come from. “
Danny also took a special interest in untouched Africa and beyond.

In 2001, Sharon Tours merged with Vered Travel, uniting two leaders in Tourism and Travel for the region. Since 2017, Danny has been the Chairman of the Israel Tourism Association. He lives in Israel, and has two children and two grandchildren.

mushi vered

President & C.E.O – International

Born in 1960, Mushi is the son of Uzi Vered. He began working in the tourism business in 1981, at Vered Travel and Tours. It was important to his father that he start at the bottom of the food chain, and work his way up to gain a true understanding of the travel market. Because of this ethos, Mushi was a basic junior operator for 6 years, and worked his way through the ranks to become an expert on every area of the industry, from inbound and outbound, to ticketing and operations. As a tourism company which specialized in the Christian market, Mushi built great expertise working with Christian tourists, crafting seminars and special projects to fill any need.

Mushi was attracted to tourism because of the connections he could experience and create between people from all over the globe, from all different cultures and backgrounds. In the world of travel, he feels deeply that we are all one family, connected to each other through a common goal- the dream of expanding our horizons and crossing the boundaries of culture and diversity to learn and grow.

In 2001, Mushi joined forces with Danny Amir from Sharon Tours, and merged the two companies to create a tourism superpower – Vered Hasharon Tours.

His ethos is that Vered HaSharon must personalize like a small company does, keeping the personal touch and realizing each tourist’s dream, and yet execute flawlessly and to scale, like a large organization.

Today, Mushi lives in Kfar Bilu with his wife Or-Li. They have 4 children.

mike amir


Australian born in 1923, Mike Amir started his career in Tourism at TWA Airlines back in 1952. He then moved to Tel Aviv to be the Manager of American Express between 1954-1965, before he founded Sharon Tours International Ltd. The purpose of this company was to promote Christian religious pilgrimages to the Holy Land.

Mike was the first of his kind to identify the unique spiritual expectations of the single pilgrim. “The landscape looks the same as it has done for 2,000 years, and each pilgrim needs us to be true to their unique vision, dream, cultural and religious expectations.” “Their faith is in our hands.”

When Sharon Tours and Vered Travel merged, becoming Vered Hasharon, Mike continued to be active in the company. To this day, he is still the inspiration and mentor of all the talented young staff at the company.

He lives in Tel Aviv with his wife Sara.



Born in 1934, Uzi began his career in tourism in 1962. Starting out as a ‘moshavnik’ and a farmer, he became a role model of global perception in entrepreneurial spirit. When the concept of tourism to Israel was just in its conception, Uzi was one of the founders of the industry, creating experiences for travelers to the Holy Land.
Always a great lover of people, he left his job at EGGED, the largest transportation operator in Israel at that time leader in Israeli tourism. Uzi was one of the first to become a tour guide for Christian travel in Israel which lead him to open Vered Travel and Tours in 1978 as a tour operator for the Christian market.

He then continued to push the boundaries of tourism. He was the first to bring Asian travelers to Israel, as well as the first to welcome Agro-tourism, creating the ICAT in the Arava, providing on the job training for Thai students in Israel. Throughout his ground-breaking work in tourism, he held onto one key vision, ahead of its time – We are all one global village.

Today, Vered Hasharon has 10 offices around the globe and organizes hundreds of tours each year.

Uzi lived in Kfar Bilu with his wife Hana until his death in 2002.

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