CINPEC - Marking 50 years of pilgrimages

CINPEC, the National Catholic organization of Senegal organized an event on the 14th of December 2014 to mark 50 years of CINPEC organizing pilgrimages. The event took place in Poponguine, Senegal. Vered Hasharon was invited to attend the event and Danny Amir, Mushi Vered and Daniele Vaknine all attended. They were also invited to share a meal with Monseigneur Ndiaye Benjamin, the Archbishop of Dakar.



Mushi, Danny and Daniele at the event          Marking 50 years of CINPEC


The annual pilgrimage of 2014 that took place in August was called “Pelerins avec la Sainte Famille” (the pilgrims with the holy family). This represented all the challenges that families have had to face including educating their children and keeping the family structure together.


The celebration event marking the 50 years of CINPEC was aimed at marking the daily challenges that families face with educating their children and keeping the family structure solid. The event included speeches about the value of family, handing out certificates to the oldest couples, messe d'action de grace (Mass of Thanksgiving) and singing the special song which had been composed for the 2014 annual pilgrimage.



Ceremony marking the 50th anniversary            50 years of CINPEC



 Read about the 2014 CINPEC PIlgrimage



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