Brother Bo Sanchez Feast in the Holy Land

A group of 120 pilgrims from the Philippines arrived in Israel at the beginning of February for a spiritual celebration in the Holy Land.


The group was led by Brother Bo Sanchez– also known as “the preacher in Blue Jeans”. The group, who came with their Priests, celebrated mass and Holy Communion while in the Holy Land.



The group toured the Holy Land visiting amongst other sites Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Tiberias.


The Pilgrimage was a huge success and there were a number of highlights that made it even more special. One of them being a number of members of the group renewing their marriage vows at the Wedding Church in Cana.


Another highlight was when during the visit to the Sea of Galilee the group went on a boat ride in a replica of the Jesus boat. It was a cold, overcast and windy day. There had been rain earlier on. When the boat reached the middle of the Sea of Galilee it stopped and the group began a prayer session. In the middle of the prayer the waters went still and a complete double rainbow appeared in the sky.



One of the days of the pilgrimage was spent at Genesis Land in the Judean desert where visitors get to experience life as it was in biblical times.  Many of the group were dressed in biblical clothes, as they arrived on camels and were welcomed into Abraham’s Tent.  The day was spent in celebration with prayer, Holy Communion, singing and experiencing all that the site has to offer.




A day at Genesis Land.

All in all a pilgrimage filled with joy, love and happiness which will never be forgotten.


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