Situated about 10 kms north of Hadera, this ancient port named after Caesar Augustus; is now a booming resort town. The modern Caesarea has lovely modern homes in tranquil quiet neighborhoods and the ancient city which was once the largest city in Palestine during the Roman Period is now a National Park offering tourists visiting the Holy Land the opportunity of viewing the ruins of  remarkable irreplaceable ancient buildings


This unique city has been excavated and reconstructed and includes an amphitheatre, a hippodrome, large statues, an ancient synagogue with mosaic floors and an aqueduct.


Caesarea Byzantine ruins                   Caesarea amphitheatre



Originally a small Phoenician Port City the area was excavated by Archeologists during the 1950’s and 1960’s and this magnificent city, that was built by King Herod one of the foremost builders of the ancient world, was uncovered.


Aqueduct in Caesarea


When touring the Caesarea national park visitors can imagine people’s lives from thousands of years ago. There are now modern charming cafes and restaurants alongside the picturesque ruins. Next to the archeological park there are underwater ruins that can be explored by diving enthusiasts.

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