A View into Catholic
Holy Land Tours

A way to visit the Holy Land in a way you’ve  never seen it before

Read along with me and take a magical view into Catholic Holy Land tours, a way to visit the Holy Land unlike you’ve ever seen it before: specifically geared towards highlighting all the major sites that are important to Catholicism.

While the Holy Land has many beautiful sites and places to visit, and all are worthy of a tick on your list, if your main goal is to celebrate your Catholic faith through the sites of the Holy Land mentioned throughout the Bible, then knowing which places should be at the top of your list is imperative. Embarking on a Catholic Holy Land Tour can really touch something deep inside of you and change your life in ways you never knew were possible.

Caesarea, where St. Peter baptized the first gentile, Cornelius, and where St. Paul was imprisoned, is an area mentioned many times throughout the Old Testament and is an important feature in visits to the Holy Land.

Imagine the feeling of celebrating mass in Muhraka, home of the Carmelite Monastery of St Elijah, which marks the place where Elijah the Prophet set up his altar and triumphed over the false prophets of Ba’al. Or standing on the Mt. of Beatitudes that overlooks the Sea of Galilee and being able to commemorate the loaves and fishes in the area where it occurred and where Jesus walked on water. Let the spirit of the Bible wash over you as you experience Cana, the site of Jesus’ first miracle at the wedding feast, or stand on Mr. Tabor, the site of the transfiguration.

Go on a biblical and spiritual journey that is personal to you as you visit Nazareth, the home of Joseph’s workshop and Mary’s well, or the important places in Jerusalem like Ascension Mosque, Pater Noster, commemorating the “Our Father,” Dominus Flavit, where Jesus wept over Jerusalem, and the Old City which holds the Church of St. Anne, the place of birth of the Blessed Mother. Re-dedicate yourself in the Jordan River, where Jesus was baptized, and reinvigorate your Catholic faith even more than ever before.

An ideal way to experience the Holy Land is on our Living Waters Catholic Tour.

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