Dead Sea Region

One of the most popular sites to tour when visiting Israel is the Dead Sea. The lowest point on Earth (395 meters below sea level), the Dead Sea is a place that once you have seen it, you will never forget it. The sea water is so saturated with mineral salts and heavy metals that no life form can exist in it; it is also so dense and heavy that most objects, human swimmers included, float on its surface and cannot sink. A short dip in the sea, or in a more comfortable bath  in one of the numerous spa resorts dotting the Israeli shore (Israel shares the Dead Sea with neighboring Jordan), is recommended as a cure for psoriasis, neurodermatitis, eczema, rashes and other skin diseases as well as osteoarthrosis and motor disorders. In addition to that, with over 330 days of sunshine throughout the year and stable, dry, warm climate, the Dead Sea is an ideal location for the treatment of respiratory disorders like chronic bronchitis.




The Dead Sea is a special place in every respect. Its water contains salts, minerals and microelements in concentrations about 8 times higher than those in the worlds oceans. In most cases, the treatment “procedure” requires nothing more than a dip in the thick, oily water and then a leisurely rest on the beach. The magic ingredients do the rest for you:  But the Dead Sea does more than heal that rash or stop that nagging rheumatic pain dead in its tracks. The oxygen and bromine-rich air  reduces nervous tension and improves the general physical and mental well-being of patients. The natural water in the area is rich in selenium, an element that has proven to suppress the growth of abnormal or cancerous cells. Spending time at the Dead Sea will leave you completely rejuvenated.


Even the sunlight here is special: since the Dead Sea is the lowest point on Earth, the thick sub-ocean level atmosphere filters out the harmful  UV rays, making it possible for sunbathers to stay in the open for prolonged periods of time without fear of sunburn.


Other places to visit while touring this region are Masada, Ein Gedi and Ein Gedi Botanical Gardens.


While visiting Israel why not go on our Dead Sea day of health and relaxation tour.


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