Eilat on the Shores of The Red Sea

Located in the southern part of Israel, is the extension of an Oasis on the coastal land of the Red Sea, Eilat  is a place of natural beauty with sunny skies adorning the sea and the desert.  The modernized city of Eilat was formed in 1950, when a quay was constructed into it, and the subsequent construction of the port formed the foundation of its new economy.


Tourism growth was significant at the close of the 1960s, and now Eilat is a wonderful place for visitors and travelers. Eilat has ultimately become a resort city, packed with tourists from all over the world. Europeans mainly visit the city during winter to enjoy the warmer climate, while Israelis prefer the summers. Its location on the northern part of the Bay of Eilat, with a hot climate, and tropical sea has rendered it an all time tourist spot. During the historical periods, due to its strategic location, Eilat served as the port beginning from King Solomon’s days through the days of Nabataeans, Romans, Arabs and Crusaders, who had ruled Israel for different spans of time.


water sports in Eilat           Underwater observatory eilat     


The bay forms the main attraction, with the wonderful beaches, allowing water sports and diving sports, considered to be the best in the world. The Coral Reserve located in the south exhibits exotic tropical fish amidst the reefs. An Underwater Observatory within the reserve has a marine museum, displaying a variety of sea animals. The Dolphin Reef close to the observatory has a school of dolphins.


 dolphins eilat         aquarium eilat


The climate in Eilat is pleasant throughout the year, with sunny skies and very little rain. The relatively calm sea allows boating with kayaks, motor boats and row boats. Yachts provide cruises from the Marina on a regular basis. Scuba diving and snorkeling are popular, allowing an exploration of the world of corals. Apart from water sports, there are other sports such as tennis, squash, racquetball, volleyball and bicycling, offering fun activities for visitors.


The Arava region located to the north of Eilat, along with the Eilat Mountains forms an arid desert. However, there are many nice spots and archaeological sites as well as historical sites in between the mountain’s exposed areas, making the city a place to begin special expeditions such as jeep tours and camel treks. Mountain biking and the desert mountain’s craggy cliffs are for daring adventurers.


Eilat has a variety of restaurants, suiting all tastes. Clubs and shops are in plenty, and the promenade along the shore holds lively bazaars in summer. The Kings City is a modern theme park based on the Bible and its stories, meant for the entire family. An IMAX theatre allows 3D experience, along with many recreational activities.


The Hai-Bar Yotvat Nature Reserve, Avdat National Park, Ein Avdat National Park, Timna Park, Red Canyon and Southern Eilat Mountains are other attractive places in Eilat.



 Timna           Avdat


Apart from the wild landscape, breathtaking canyons, mountains and plains, the Red Sea offers an enchanting underwater world, with Coral Reefs and thousands of fish varieties along with an abundant marine life. The tranquil atmosphere of the desert region around Eilat gives a memorable experience.



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