Hot Air Balloon Flight

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Float through the skies of Israel in a hot-air balloon for a thrilling adventure and breathtaking views


This is for pre-organized groups who are interested in adding a little extra to their itinerary when touring the Holy Land with us.


A birds-eye view of Israel

Flights normally take place in or around the Jezreel Valley – Ramot Issachar – one of the splendid areas and highly recommended area in Israel.

The flights depart early in the morning. Spend between 40-90 minutes – depending on the wind - floating through the sky with a magnificent birds-eye view of the land below. The exact course of the trip cannot be pre-determined and the pilot will direct the flight according to the wind direction at the time.

As the flight is ending the pilot will choose an open area to land where you will be met by the ground crew who have been in radio contact with the pilot throughout.

After landing, drink a toast with champagne while swapping stories with the crew and the pilot.
After the toast you will be taken on an off-the-road trip in SUV’s to fields, woods and orchards where you will be treated to a delectable home-made breakfast and delicacies made by Yael of the Jezreel Valley.

The total time for this whole wonderful experience is between 4-5 hours.

At the end you will be given hot-air balloon ride certificates as well as a small gift from the team.

All the pilots are commercial balloon pilots certified by law and have all the necessary permits. 

The Balloons are of the best quality and in compliance with the most up-to-date standards of safety

* Flights can also be arranged for the late afternoon.

The experience includes:
•    Coffee and snack at the initial meeting place
•    Gentle lift-off at sunrise
•    Gliding and roaming the skies at an altitude of up to 2000 ft.
•    A soft landing
•    Celebratory toast with chilled, quality champagne
•    Story-telling
•    Relaxed off-the-road trip
•    An indulging breakfast
•    Hot-air balloon flight certificate
•    A unique gift to celebrate an event
•    Detailed suggestions for continuing the day touring the area


Hot-air balloons are known to be the safest aircraft in the world.  
The balloon is carefully examined prior to each flight, and the pilot decides whether or not to embark on the flight, according to the state of the equipment, and the ground and weather conditions. 
Each flight is supported by a flight plan submitted to and approved by the Flight Information Board. 
Furthermore, the hot-air balloon undergoes strict periodic examinations and is certified by the aerial qualification board of the Civilian Aircraft Authority. 
Every passenger receives detailed instruction before boarding the balloon.
Smoking is not allowed in the vicinity of the hot-air balloon.
Should one of the passengers feel unwell or unsure, we will land as quickly as possible in order to return him/her to the ground.
We will keep in constant contact with the ground crew during the entire flight, as they follow the balloon's progress and are available for any problem that may arise.
The safety and security of the guests and the team are first priority.
We are committed to giving you the safest hot-air balloon experience.

Important notes

♦  The hot-air balloon flight depends upon calm weather conditions which can usually be predicted in advance, but not always.

  Since the flight depends upon comfortable weather conditions, it may be postponed should the conditions be unsuitable.

  Permission to go ahead with the flight is usually received 48-72 hours before flight time, following receipt of information concerning expected weather conditions.    

  Each passenger will receive comprehensive instruction before the flight.

  'Champagne flights' are suitable for children over 6 years of age.

  It is forbidden to bring any type of weapon or firearm on the flight.

  Clothing: Closed shoes are recommended, preferably sports shoes or walking shoes.  A hat is recommended, as is warm clothing for the upper body during the cooler season.

  Passengers are requested to board the balloon with minimum gear, preferably only a camera and a bottle of water.  Extra weight should be avoided.


The hot-air balloon flight depends upon calm weather conditions which can usually be predicted in advance, but not always. Therefore, it is important to confirm the date after an updated weather report has been received, as close as possible to the date of the activity.


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