How your next Holy Land Tours may be planned!

As the world is opening up and life is returning to its daily routine so will the skies open and our Christian Pilgrims will come back to visit. Your Tour Operators in Israel will be ready and eager to help you plan your post quarantine pilgrimage of Holy Land Tours.


Many enthusiastic Pilgrims will be ready to follow in the footsteps of Jesus and do a spiritual and meaningful pilgrimage journey in the Holy Land. Everyone in the “hospitality business” is here preparing for your return to a safe and healthy environment on your pilgrimage. This includes airport staff, bus companies, hotels and lodgings, sites, public areas and all aspects you will reach on your trip. We will make your health and safety a top priority.


Bus companies, guides, hotels, sites and all in the hospitality business will have strict guidelines on how to receive their clients to ensure their health and wellbeing. Sanitation will be top priority and all public places will cater for this according to the guidelines given by the Health Ministry. Once borders are open we will advise on the guidelines.


We all want to get back to travelling and especially after such a testing period in our lives, now more than ever Holy Land Tours will be in the forefront of our minds as we follow an experienced guide in the footsteps on Jesus on a path done by so many. A quiet prayer, a reflection or a mass with your priest and even a sailing on the Sea of Galilee in Jesus’s boat will have much more meaning than ever before.

Christian Pilgrims 5 2020


What we may expect as borders open: From the minute you step off your flight for your Holy Land Tours we will guarantee to be with you every step of the way and make sure you are in safe health zones. As the borders start opening and tourists travel between countries you may be requested to wear a face mask in public areas. Your temperature may be checked before boarding an airplane as well as on landing on foreign ground. You will be escorted to your sanitized bus ( which will be sanitized a number of times during the day as you pass from site to site). You will be in a hotel or lodging which has been given instructions on how to receive their guests to maintain a safe healthy environment.


How will you be able to visit the National Parks, Historical Sites, Holy Sites and Tourist Sites Post Quarantine? The Israel National Parks have opened their gates to the public after being closed for six weeks. To keep to the safe health regulations given by the Health Ministery they have limited the number of visitors at a given time so a booking must be made in advance. Body temperatures are checked before entering a site.


The tourist sites will follow suit as well as have longer opening hours to accommodate the groups and limit the number of persons at a given time. We will make sure all your site bookings are made to ensure a smooth and successful tour.


Post Quarantine travel will mean advance safety precautions to guarantee you a healthy and safe trip. We are here to make sure this is achieved. The Holy Land expected a record of five million incoming tourists in 2020. With patience and love of our pilgrims we will reach this goal in the near future.

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