Israel Experience Expo in Kenya

The first ever Israel Experience Expo was held from 16-18 March 2012 at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre in Nairobi, Kenya


The aim of the 3 day Expo was to market Israeli products and suppliers in different fields including agriculture, culture, education, Pilgrimages to the Holy Land and Travel & Holidays and to build on the tourism exchange between Kenya and Israel.


Expo in Kenya           Kenya Expo




Vered HaSharon, as the most active Israeli agent from Israel in all of Africa, presented in the Expo more than the ordinary pilgrimage routes.


We also brought to Kenya the idea of Medical Tourism. Many Kenyans fly overseas to India, South Africa and the U.K. to seek medical treatment.  So Why not Israel?


Israel offers:


•         Top medical services

•         English speaking country

•         Also the Holy Land

•         Very good value for money, especially when health is at stake.


We brought a top team from Trustmed Israel, a company that specializes in global medical solutions and suits the treatment to each patient according to his/her specific needs.

Two officials from Trustmed came with us to Kenya:  Prof. Dov Freimark, a world known Cardiologist and Mr. Amir Flohr, the C.E.O of the company.

During their stay they also met top Doctors and hospitals in Kenya, the Minister of Health and other officials who became very interested in the idea.


Trust Med



The other idea we promoted was special agricultural courses in Israel for Kenyan students and farmers, possibly with combining a pilgrimage.


Vered Hasharon’s stand was a big attraction and constantly busy with visitors.

The organizers of the Expo prepared and brought to the Expo some wonderful cakes representing both Israel and Kenya.


Cake at Kenya Expo  Cake at Kenya expo   Cake at Kenya expo


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