Israel Tourism 2013

Tourism Stats for Israel 2013


The Israeli tourism ministry has announced that the year 2013 brought a record number of tourists to Israel.  The month of December recorded a 14% increase over 2012 with more than 272,000 visitors entering the country and 241,000 staying for more than 1 night. The overall amount of visitors in 2013 rose to 3.54 million which was an 0.5% increase from the previous record year of 2012.


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The city of Jerusalem was the most visited, followed by Tel Aviv-Jaffa, The Dead Sea, Tiberias and Nazareth. The most visited sites were in Jerusalem and included the Western Wall, the Jewish Quarter, The Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the Via Dolorosa and the Mount of Olives.


More than half the tourists who visited were Christian (53%) and half of those identified as Catholic. The leading country for incoming tourism was the United States, followed by France and Germany, there was also a significant amount of incoming tourism from the U.K. Italy, Ukraine and Poland as well as many other countries around the world.


About 54% of tourists were first time visitors and 46% returning for a further visit.  Surveys showed that the satisfaction level of tourists to Israel in 2013 was very good to excellent.



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