Israel Winelands - Wine Tour

A cultural tour of the Winelands in Israel

Join us on a tour of wineries and experience the wonderful delights of the Judean Hills and Samson region of Israel.

For many centuries, the monasteries of the Holy Land have carefully cultivated grapes and prepared then for the amazing taste of wine. This tradition continues on today.
Visit ancient vineyards, historic monuments and shrines, experience the tasting of selected wines, become familiar with wine etiquette, and soak in the amazing beauty of the Holy Land.

The tour includes visits to wineries, a lecture and wine tasting, lunch and a walk through the underground city of Beit Guvrin. Accompanied by a guide and a wine expert, you can visit monastic vineyards and taste the different wines. The tour program is constructed in accordance with your wishes and preferences.

Recommended season:  Any time
Number of participants: at least 4 people


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