Kabbalah World - visitor center

Come to Tzfat and experience the world of Kabbalah


Located in the Old City of Tzfat, amongst the quaint alleyways, you will find “Kabbalah World”. Taking you into the fascinating world of Kabbalah, the Visitor Center located in a restored building offers:


-    A lecture explaining– the mythical energy of the Hebrew letters and other basic facts of Kabbalah

-    Audio-visual experience showing the history of Tzfat and an introduction into the teachings of Tzfat Kabbalah.

-    Tour of the ruins of buildings from  the 16th century CE “Underground”

-    An array of local artists galleries showing unique works.

-    Kabbalah meditation

-    Exhibition showing Kabbalah jewelry, painting, books, photographs and much more.

-    Arts and Crafts Workshop run by  internationally acclaimed artists

-    find out what your name means according to Kabbalah at an interactive media station


   kaballah    Sefad


A wonderful experience and a chance to find out all you want to know about Kabbalah.



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