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Often called by tourists “my favorite place in Israel” and a “must see”, Nazareth Village brings the Bible to life with a first century living village and farm.


Nazareth Village offers tours customized for length and theme; whether it be archaeology focused, biblical studies or a pilgrim tour. The tours are in various languages.



Nazareth Village 


Follow the guide into the museum and out through a “time tunnel” going from present day life to Nazareth during the first century. Down the shepherd’s path and onto the “parable walk” you will encounter the villagers dressed in their first century clothing and going about their daily lives. You will see ancient olive trees with olives dripping from the branches and in season see the olives picked and sorted. Wheat is plowed and threshed as children play among the trees. The sheep and goats delight visitors with their antics. The village grave can be entered and explored. One of the most important features of the site is the ancient wine press, carved into the bedrock and dating back to the first century. Christian visitors will be glad to know that Jesus almost certainly was on this hillside with its vineyard and watchtower during his lifetime. Proceeding up the hillside along the terraces, visitors learn about the parable of the sower as well as ancient farming practices. The stories of Jesus come to life with new relevancy in this beautiful setting.


 Nazareth Village man


Walking toward the buildings you pass the cistern, where women gather to get water. Just beyond this is a favorite stop, the olive press, where a huge stone grinds the olives just as it has been done for thousands of years. Joseph the carpenter demonstrates the use of his tools while a guide explains how it was done is Jesus’ time. Entering further into the house Hannah the weaver shows off her craft and explains the ancient methods of dyeing the wool.



Nazareth Village wood work  Nazareth Village weaving 



Depending on the length of the tour desired, your group can visit the Mikva, the “rich man’s house” and other parts of the farm and village. But the most important part of the tour may be the synagogue. Carefully replicated from first century research, taken from the ruins at Masada and Gamla, the synagogue at Nazareth Village is not to be missed.


Delicious meals are served by the villagers in pottery replicated from archeological finds. The beautiful dining rooms can hold up to 270 people at once and meet the needs of your group whether vegetarian or meat based meal. Special events and Passover meals can also be arranged. To add to the group’s convenience, the entire tour and meal can take as little as 90 minutes and the plentiful restrooms, unique gift shop and abundant free parking means that everyone’s needs can be accommodated.


The free gift at the end of the tour tops off the experience at Nazareth Village and is a take home reminder of this one of a kind experience.



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