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A once in a lifetime experience. Once every ten years, a tiny village in the heart of the Bavarian Alps re-enacts an event which draws people of every religious denomination to one of the most moving stories ever told.


Oberammergau      Oberammergau village




The play depicts Christ's final passion. In 1632 when Oberammergau was gripped by a deadly plague which killed half of the town's population and in a final, desperate  act of faith,  the village elders pledged that if the village was spared, it would re-enact the passion of Christ every 10 years - for all eternity. Miraculously the village was spared and the very first Passion Play took place in 1632.

Tradition dictates that the play's cast is chosen from the residents of the village. The cast spend almost two years painstakingly rehearsing every detail of the story to be ready for this once lifetime experience.




Ash Wednesday 2009: The "Hair Decree" - from this date on all the men in Oberammergau, taking part in the play are, requested not to cut their hair or shave, until after the Passion Play ends.


The next Passion Play will take place in 2020


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