Oberammergau Passion Play 2020

Oberamergau 2020


The charming mountain village of Oberammergau in Bavaria Germany is famous worldwide for its re-enactment of the Passion of Christ known as the “Passion Play”. This re-enactment occurs every 10 years and people of all religious denominations come to visit and experience this moving event.

The picturesque town with its traditional fairytale houses and splendid buildings is also well known for its wonderful woodcarvings that are available in a variety of sizes in many of the town shops.


Oberammergau  Village of Oberammergau  Oberammergau


The Passion Play itself has been taking place every 10 years ever since a sacred vow was made at the time of the 17th century’s 30 year war when a terrible plague was visited on the area and the villagers of Oberammergau then pledged that if God would protect them from the Plague, every 10 years they would perform a play of “The suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ”. According to legend, after that there was no further cases of plague in the village and all the afflicted recovered.

According to tradition the cast is chosen from the village residents who spend approximately two years diligently rehearsing every possible detail of the story that will be performed in an open theatre against an imposing mountain background and seating approximately 5,000 people.



  Preparing for Oberammergau  Preparing for Oberammergau  Oberammergau rehearsals



Despite the fact that the play is in German, it is attended by people from around the world, both religious and secular, who come to Oberammergau to experience the drama and the captivating way the town comes together to perform the play. It is estimated that the previous play in 2010 attracted about half a million visitors.



  Oberammergau - Last Supper  Oberammergau Passion Play  Oberammergau

In 2010 Vered Hasharon arranged for 120 groups to experience Oberammergau and is planning on taking 200 groups in 2020. We offer itineraries for groups that will combine visits to the Holy Land and/or many European countries with Oberammergau being the highlight.

The 42nd Passion Play premieres in May 2020


photos: © Copyright by Gemeinde Oberammergau





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