Planning a business tour in Israel

People and companies from around the world travel to Israel to meet with companies, according to their specific fields of interest, and thus benefit by learning about the latest advances and forming business deals. A group business tour in Israel entails a lot of planning and preparation to ensure that it runs smoothly.


When planning a business tour the first step is to choose a tour operator.  Even though with modern technology everything is now at your fingertips, 

trying to arrange everything from far away can become rather complicated.


The tour operator will need to know how many people there will be in your group, the level of accommodation according to your request, the duration of 

the trip and most important of all - the field of expertise of your company.  

You will also need to give information on the aim of the trip: perhaps a seminar for your staff to learn more about your field or making new connections to 

advance your business. Your tour operator also needs to know if you want to include sightseeing in your trip.


According to this information your tour operator will be able to begin arranging lecturers, field tours and meetings with professionals as well as excursions if 

necessary. Besides booking the hotel accommodation and meeting rooms or conference halls – according to the size of the group and the activities 

requested – there are visits to companies, factories or offices to plan. Transportation has to be arranged as well as meals.


In business tours timing is very important and a lot has to be taken into consideration when planning all of the above. 

If done correctly, a business tour can be very lucrative and beneficial for all concerned.


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