Snow in Jerusalem

Jerusalem of Gold became Jerusalem of White


In a very unusual weather event, December brought 5 days of much needed rain and unexpectedly heavy snowstorms to Israel.  


Jerusalem, where the snowfall is believed to be the heaviest in a century, was transformed into a magnificently beautiful white panorama, to the great delight of the children as school was canceled and they had the unusual opportunity to play in the snow, joined by many adults who enjoyed themselves equally as much.


 Snow in Jerusalem          Snowy Jerusalem


Despite the inconveniences that accompany unusual weather conditions the beauty in the capital and many other parts of the country is still drawing visitors who are enjoying the beauty of the snow.


Snow in Jerusalem, Israel          Snow in Jerusalem streets


 In Bethlehem people were delighted to see a snow covered Christmas tree and Nativity scene.


 Thanks to Avi Levi - Tour Guide for the use of his photos


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