Spring in Israel

Israel in the spring heralds the start of the most incredible display of wild flowers. In the Galilee and the Golan Heights glorious flowers burst into bloom and cover the hills and fields with color beginning during January and lasting until late spring. During these months even the Desert comes alive with a diversity of beautiful flowers. Two of the most common examples are the poppy and the anemone. Planning a Holy Land Tour during spring is very popular.


anemone                       Iris      



As February arrives and spring temperatures become apparent all different kinds of flowers can be seen many of them unique to certain areas, particularly the magnificent Sun’s eye tulips, orchids, purple Iris, some of which are so dark that they are referred to as Black Iris. Also to be seen are Wild Hyacinth, the lovely scented Narcissus and dazzling blue Lupin.


During the months of February and March numerous people visit Mt Gilboa to view the dark purple Iris that are found on these slopes.  It is a sight not to be missed with the amazing views of the hills of Galilee that stretch as far north as Mt. Hermon capped with snow and the beautiful valley to be seen below.





Because Israel’s location is at the meeting point of several types of climate it results in a great assortment of habitats which results in the rich diversity of plants and flowers to be found. During years of plentiful rain which has been the case this winter the Northern parts of Israel will be awash with colorful carpets of blooms that will cover meadows and wooded areas and in certain sites crocuses and wild orchids can be found. Northern Israel and the Golan Heights this year will delight visitors with its unbelievable beauty. A definite must to add to your list of sites to visit while touring Israel and the Holy Land.


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