The Friends of Zion Heritage Center

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The Friends of Zion Heritage Center in Jerusalem brings the stories of Christian love for Israel to life in a unique multimedia and interactive way.


The Friends of Zion Heritage Center opened its doors to the public in April 2015. This museum is located within walking distance of the Old City in the Jerusalem World Centre, opposite the Simon Wiesenthal’s Museum of Tolerance.


The Friends of Zion Heritage Center is unique because it is not a regular museum but an unforgettable multimedia experience especially designed to bring the stories of Christian Zionists from around the world who energetically worked to protect the Jewish people from persecution and who helped as much as possible in the creation and establishment of the nation of Israel.



Friends of Zion Museum             Friends of Zion Museum


There are a number of exhibits including a message from President Shimon Peres, Chairman of the International Board of the Friends of Zion museum, followed by the stories of military heroes including Col. John Henry Patterson and Major Orde Wingate, political leaders like President Harry Truman and the brave volunteers from around the world who came to stand with the Jewish State following the Declaration of Independence in 1948. There is also an exhibit honoring the long list of other Christian heroes like Oskar Schindler, Irena Sendler and many others.



Friends of Zion 2    Friends of Zion 3



Other Exhibits include Visionaries who played an important role in preparing for the rebirth of Israel. There is an exhibit showing texts of scripture that prophesy Israel’s rebirth and an exciting Time Machine Elevator allowing visitors to go back in time to meet the patriarch Abraham and even watch as Roman soldiers destroy the Temple in Jerusalem.


A dynamic dimension is added to the experience with the very latest in animatronic and holographic technology.  All of the multi-media exhibits are available in a number of languages and visitors will find a recording booth available enabling them to leave their impressions of the visit on an audio recording.


A fascinating and different place to experience while touring Israel with us.

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