Tour Operators in Israel and the Middle East

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Vered Hasharon Travel and Tours, with over 40 years experience in the field, handles and arranges tourism to Israel, Jordan and Egypt. 

Specializing mainly in Christian pilgrimage tours Vered Hasharon also has vast experience in all types of tourism including professional tours, incentives, 

events, conferences and Jewish tours.


With our main office located in Israel and with offices and/or representatives around the world, our experienced and dedicated tour operators are always 

on hand to give personal attention from beginning to end to every client and every tour.


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Tour Operators in Israel and the Middle East


The Middle East has evolved into a tourist land with a great range of destinations. There are a variety of tour operators in the Middle East who will be able to assist you on creating and booking tour packages. One has to ascertain the destinations and must-see places. It is therefore recommended to do some research on the destinations and its prevalent tour operators. After deciding on your destination then starts the tedious task of selecting a reliable tour operator in the Middle East.   

After all, you will have to provide personal details, like passport details and identification information to the agent; therefore, it would also require some trust and a level of comfort working together with the concerned party. It is not impossible to get a trusted tour operator in the Middle East though. 

The main task of the travel agent is to ensure that all your travel needs are taken care of. tour operator’s costs should be given at the time when you start to work with them on your tour details, and do check if there are possible hidden charges that may inflate your travel expenses.



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A tour operator should be accessible at all times, especially when you are traveling to any place for the first time. A tour operator should also work as per the desired requirements, as it involves money, and meeting the expectations. In the Middle East, aside from having a valid passport you would need a valid visa as well. 

For this same reason, the tour operator in the Middle East should be able to provide correct details & requirements when applying for your visa. 

Also in cases of car rental, there are formalities required, and you should definitely consult the tour operator for details and destinations.



Communicating with your tour operator


A tour operator should be able to communicate with the travelers at all times during the journey and after the journey if possible. 


Good tour operators provide great support; hence, it is advisable to seek out those well-known tour operators in the Middle East for your travel needs.


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