Tours to Egypt, Israel & Jordan

When you mention the Middle East, Egypt, Israel & Jordan are the most preferred destinations of tourists.




Starting with Israel which has a heritage of cultures and scenic beauty, one can spend quality time throughout their visit to the country. Jerusalem and Tel Aviv both have their own special attractions.  These cities complement each other with Jerusalem being completely natural and ancient while Tel Aviv is popular for the contemporary lifestyle liked by travelers. Great deals are available to embrace the scenic beauty of the country, together with a combined tour to Egypt and Jordan as well.


 Jerusalem          Tel Aviv





Egypt is another hot destination for travelers as it has entertainment, culture, historical monuments, and the beach. To begin, Cairo is renowned for the modern life with all sources of fun-filled activities like bowling, snorkeling etc. Alexandria on the Mediterranean Sea is popular with its pleasant climate which entices guests to the city. Hurghada is popular for sports and adventure activities. Adventurous tourists will be enticed by this destination for various kinds of exciting things to explore. Sharm El Sheik is famous for sharks. Pyramids in Egypt have tourists coming from all over the world, appreciating their structures and the historical artifacts found at the sites.


 Sphinx in Egypt         Nile cruise





Jordan is very well connected with Europe and the Middle East, which is why many travelers favor visiting Jordan when touring the Middle East. The Lost City located in Jordan is known as Petra. Amman is the capital city of Jordan and is a special attraction of the country.


 Petra         Mount Neo in Jordan


Combine all three


Tours to Egypt, Israel and Jordan are the best when combining the three countries for a fulfilling tour of the Middle East, as you will gain a flavor of mixed cultures and endless sights of nature. Tours are available online as well as provided by specialized tour operators. Great deals are available to embrace the scenic beauty of Israel, together with a combined tour to Egypt and Jordan as well.



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