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If you are planning business travel to Israel, there are certain things to be aware of before you go. Israel is a country of leaders in many fields of expertise such as hi-tech, medical, security, government, engineering, and the diamond industry. For this reason, many businessmen and women come to Israel for business purposes. Being informed on the important factors of traveling to Israel for business will help you to have a successful trip.

If you plan on traveling to Arab countries in addition to Israel, you need to be aware that certain Arab countries will deny you entry if they see an Israeli passport control stamp in your passport. Therefore, to avoid unnecessary problems, simply ask passport control to stamp a blank piece of paper for you, insert it into your passport when needed, and remove it when required to make your travel flow more smoothly.

Be aware that the work week in Israel, unlike in many other countries, is Sunday – Thursday. On Friday, many businesses close early (generally around 2pm) to welcome in the Sabbath and remain closed until after sundown on Saturday night. Therefore try not to plan any business for Friday afternoon or Saturday, as you may encounter problems, especially with public transportation such as buses and trains, which do not run at these times.

Make sure you have set up travel. If you need to travel from place to place, it might be a good idea to hire a driver who knows the area and can drop you off and pick you up. Certain locations around popular cities like Tel Aviv and Jerusalem can be difficult or expensive to park in, and finding your way between cities can be time-consuming, challenging, and sometimes dangerous.

In addition, make sure you learn whatever you can about the culture of Israeli business. For instance, Israelis are not quite as punctual when starting meetings as their international counterparts, nor are they as formal in their dress. Being aware of these factors and others associated with cultural differences will help you avoid any problems or miscommunications that can lead to unfortunate business results.

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