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Use of this site

Use of


The user may use to make legitimate reservations or purchase different 

services and must not use for any other purposes, including without 

limitation, to make any speculative, false or fraudulent reservation and/or any 

reservation in anticipation of demand.


A reservation through can be paid only by a credit card. Any person 

who owns a valid credit card of one of the following Credit Card Companies may 

purchase services in Visa, American Express, MasterCard, IsraCard, 

Diners Club. Without derogating from the above stated a condition precedent for the 

execution of the purchase order through is the receipt of the approval of 

the user's credit card company for the purchase. intended for making reservations and purchasing different services and 

products and for the receipt of information in this regard to such services and 

products. No other use is permitted.


If the user represents that, he is of a sufficient legal age to use and to 

create binding legal obligations for any liability that he may incur as a result of the 

use of He shall be financially responsible for all uses of 

by the user and those using his login information.


Reservation Procedure


The user should enter in the chosen reservation's details, the credit card details, and all 

other details requested at the reservation form. The user shall be solely responsible for 

all errors while entering the different requested details, including but not limited to 

errors in choosing the flights destination and/or vacation and/or the number of tickets 

and/or services that the user wishes to purchase and/or mistakes in regard to the ages 

of the passengers and/or in regard to the passenger passport details.


Vered Hasharon and/or third party providers and/or distributors shall not be 

responsible and/or liable, directly and/or indirectly, if the reservation and/or some of 

the reservation details shall not be accepted by the system, for whatever reason and/or 

cause. Vered Hasharon shall not be responsible for any technical and/or other 

problems that shall prevent the user from purchasing the services in

Entering false details, including invalid credit card details and/or details of credit 

cards that the user has no right to use, is a criminal offence. Legal action can be taken 

against anyone entering false information, including civil suits for damages which 


Vered Hasharon and/or any third party providers and/or distributors, might incur due 

to, or in regard to, the entering of false information.


As long as the reservation is not positively confirmed by Vered Hasharon, the 

reservation is considered as an irrevocable request by the user for the purchase of the 

reserved services. Vered Hasharon and/or third party providers and/or distributors are 

under no obligation to accept the user's reservation and/or to give it priority over other 

reservations including reservations that were made later.


Vered Hasharon sales representative shall give the final confirmation of the 

reservation by phone and/or by fax/and/or by e-mail.


The reservation shall be considered as irrevocable immediately upon its sending, and 

therefore shall be subject to cancellation fees, including in the event that Vered 

Hasharon did not yet confirm the reservation.


Price and Payments


The prices listed in are valid for reservation made exclusively through, for non - Israeli citizens. The prices in may change from 

day to day, according to relevant pricing policy. The prices specified in 

are in US Dollars. All payments in different currencies shall be translated to US 

Dollars, according to the selling transfer rate of the US Dollar (for notes). Vered 

Hasharon shall debit the user's credit card for the reservation only after the 

confirmation of the reservation.


If there is a discrepancy between the prices specified in and the prices 

that are effective at the time of the reservation, the price that will be given by Vered 

Hasharon’s representative shall be the effective price. An extra fee will be charged for 

reservation changes and/or cancellations.

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