As borders are opening up and we are emerging from lockdown you have decided it is time to make that long awaited pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

You will visit the Land of Milk and Honey. You will visit the Land of Jesus. You will visit the land that speaks to you from the Bible.

It is time to make the Bible come alive and hear the scriptures from where they were spoken in the Land of Jesus.

Now is the time for people to make their first pilgrimage or to make their second or third pilgrimage back to this Holy Land where the Bible will become alive.

We, your agents are here ready for you. Just make that contact. We will do the rest.

We will advise you on all the guidelines needed for a safe trip.


Why contact your Israel Tour Operator now?

Now more than ever before, it is most important you have that personal guidance from the minute you decide to make that tour to the Holy Land.

Your experienced personal assistant will guarantee you the best value for money and a tailormade tour suited for you in one of our Holy Land Tours.

Everything will be clear and written down in black and white so no unexpected surprises.

Once we have received from you all the relevant information we will start to work immediately on your booking. You will be in direct contact throughout with your personal specialized Israel Tour Operator according to your requirements.

Age of clients doing tour, group denomination, country origin, language, budget, season, size of group are all factors we take into account when arranging the itinerary.

Your Tour Agency will be able to give the best hotel rates as we have special contracts with the hotels association.

Your Tour Agency will fit a hotel that most suits your groups needs/ individual need and budget.

We will supply you with clean, new tourist air-conditioned busses/ transportation.

Your Tour Agency will select an experienced licensed guide that most suits your groups/ individual requirements according to denomination, language, and expertise.

Your Tour Agency and your experienced Tour Guide, together with you, will plan your itinerary according to the Holy Sites and different places you would want to visit. There are new sites discovered all the time. You may also want to add that extra “different” site to the program.

Very important to have the timings arranged beforehand so you get the most done in the amount of time you have.

You also want some free time to wonder around and maybe do some shopping. (Jerusalem has wonderful food markets and the famous Old City Market. A stroll around the ancient city of Jaffa and a coffee break, or a relax on a white sanded beach in Tel Aviv). Your guide will advise.

Your Tour Agency will make sure you are greeted by a representative at the airport and escorted to your transportation which will take you to your hotel.

Your experienced Tour Guide will greet you on arrival with a smile and be very eager to share all his or her knowledge with you and make sure you end each day with a smile.

Your Tour Agency will have booked all your sites in advance to insure you get into all the sites and places you wish to visit.

Holy sites and churches for Masses and Prayer times must be reserved in advance as well as many sites such as The Garden Tomb, Yad Vashem, Nazareth Village and a sailing in Jesus’s Boat on the Lake of Galilee. Due to unforeseen occurrences you may need to change a time and that is what you need us for.

Your Tour Agency will have booked your restaurants for lunch if it is included in your program.

Your Israel Tour Operator is here to make sure that your tour goes smoothly and you have no pressure.

Should you have an issue at the airport on arrival or departure you have a contact number 24/7.

Should you have an issue at a hotel we are your contact and we will deal with the situation 24/7.

Should at any time you have an issue on your tour, your guide and your Tour Agency are there 24/7 to help you.

Sometimes tourists have taken ill and need to go to a pharmacy, a doctor or a hospital. We are available for this 24/7.

You are never alone.

It is assuring to know there is a real person between you and your tour that is happy to be with you every step of the way.( We are happy to chat online and you can see a face and not only a screen)

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