2000 year old coin found in North Israel

Recently the random discovery of a very rare Gold Coin nearly 2000 years old was made by a member of a group of veteran hikers that were visiting the eastern Galilee area of Israel.

The hiker, Laurie Rimon, had noticed a shiny object in the grass and after picking it up she realised that it was an ancient coin. The Israel Antiquities Authority were contacted and immediately sent their representative to meet up with the hiking group in the field where the rare discovery was handed over.  The hiker admitted that it was not easy parting with the coin as it is an extremely unusual occurrence to find such an amazing object, however she hopes to soon see it displayed in a museum. The Israel Antiquities Authority will, in the near future, award her a certificate of appreciation for her good citizenship.


2000 year old coin

Photo courtesy of Israel Antiquities Authority


An Inspector with the Antiquities Authority unity for the prevention of Antiquities robbery pointed out that the hiker had demonstrated exemplary civic behaviour when she handed over this remarkable Gold Coin which according to a senior numismatist at the Antiquities Authority is extremely rare on a global level as until now only one other exact match to this coin in the world, is possessed by a famous British Museum.

The coin bearing the image of Emperor “Augustus Deified” on the obverse side was minted by Emperor Trajan in 107 CE, as part of a series of coins dedicated to the Roman Emperors that preceded him. On the reverse side are the symbols of the Roman legions next to the name of the ruler Trajan.

The bronze and silver coins minted by Emperor Trajan are relatively common, his gold coins are exceedingly rare and to date only two other gold coins minted by Emperor Trajan have been registered in the State Treasures, both of them with different markings to the recently discovered rare coin.



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