A literal pilgrimage to the Holy Land

Whittier Dubose is a 24 year old man lives in a small village near Brussels, Belgium. After graduating from University and before starting a new job Whittier decided that he wanted to visit Israel. However buying an air ticket and just flying to Israel was not enough for him. He wanted to experience freedom, meet new people and actually make a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. So four months ago, in March 2016, Whittier set out to make the journey on foot.

The first 20 days were physically very hard but as he continued it got easier. Sleeping along the way in churches, monasteries or with families who agreed to host him Whittier never stayed more than one night in each place.

Whittier’s original plan was to walk to Turkey and take a ferry to Israel but because of the unrest in the region he had to change his plans. Once reaching southern Italy he travelled by ferry to Greece, took another ferry to Cyprus and from there flew to Israel where he arrived in July.

He plans on spending 10 days in Israel travelling around and seeing the sites. Part of the motivation for Whittier to come to Israel was for religious reasons and to follow in his Father’s footsteps – his Father who passed away 14 years ago had also visited Israel in the past.


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