When planning your Holy Land Tours itinerary be sure to discuss with your Tour Operators and in Israel a reflection at the “The Wedding Church” in Cana.

At the Wedding Church in Cana you may want to participate in a mass, a prayer or a marriage vows renewal ceremony which will all be arranged in advance by your Tour Operators in Israel.

Cana is an important pilgrimage site on your Holy Land Tours itinerary whilst following in the footsteps of the life and ministry of Jesus.

It is especially popular for those pilgrims wishing to add that special extra experience  and memory on their tour by having an organized ceremony with their priest or pastor and renewing their wedding vows.


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Cana is situated in the Galilee region in the northern area between Nazareth and The Sea of Galilee.

It is also on the Jesus trail and is  an especially important site when following in the early stages of Jesus’s ministry.

Cristian tradition belief has it, that at Cana Jesus performed his first public miracle by turning water into wine( Gospel of John).

The gospel mentions Jesus, his mother and his disciples are attending a wedding when at the event they run out of wine.

Jesus’s mother tells Jesus “ They have no wine”.

Jesus ordered the servants to fill containers with water and take the containers to the head waiter. When the head waiter tasted the contents of the containers he tasted wine and told the bridegroom that this was their best wine which he had kept for serving last.

This was the first of Jesus’s signs to reveal his glory and strengthened his disciples belief in him.

Your Tour Operators in Israel are here planning your Holy Land Tours and ready to arrange a ceremony to renew your wedding vows, a reflection, a mass or a prayer at the  famous “Wedding Church” in Cana.

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