Agriculture Tour

Agriculture Tour in Israel – 5 Days Visit factories and fruit plantations to see and learn about agriculture in Israel… Professional Group Tour sample itinerary to Israel, including visits to factories and fruit plantations to see and learn about agriculture in Israel. For preorganized groups ONLY. Details DOWNLOAD ITINERARY Travel ltinerary Highlights Capernaum | Jerusalem […]

Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers Q&A A selection of questions and answers to help you plan and prepare for your trip to the Holy Land. We want to help make sure you get the maximum out of your experience of traveling to Israel with us. What is the difference between a pre-organized group tour to the Holy […]

Why Work with Us

Why Work With Us Why work with Vered Hasharon Vered HaSharon Travel Group is an international network with a head office in Israel, branch offices in Europe, Asia, and Africa, and partners in North and South America. The Vered HaSharon Travel Group represents over 50 years of experience. WE ARE AN INTERNATIONAL INBOUND NETWORK committed […]

Meetings and Incentives

Meetings & Incentives Have your next group event in the Holy Land Israel has long been a preferred venue for distinctive and unforgettable conferences, conventions, business opportunities, incentive meetings, and group events. The country’s backdrop of modern and ancient beaches and deserts provides for memorable opportunities not to be found anywhere else in the world […]

What type of Business tours do we offer

What type of Business Tours do we offer Types of Business Tours Being one of the most advanced countries in the world technology-wise, thousands of business people travel to Israel annually to learn, share and discover new knowledge. Vered Hasharon offers a range of business tours to israel suit each field: Hi-TechIsrael is known worldwide […]

Business Travel to Israel

Planning a business tour to Israel Business Travel If you are planning business travel to Israel, there are certain things to be aware of before you go. Israel is a country of leaders in many fields of expertise such as hi-tech, medical, security, government, engineering, and the diamond industry. For this reason, many businessmen and […]

Mount Sinai and Taba Tour

Mount Sinai and Taba Tour – 5 Days Why you should go… Visit the ancient and historical sights of Egypt Sample itinerary for preorganized groups ONLY – For tours for individuals to join please click here to see our Guaranteed Departure tours Join this biblical Tour of the Holy Land Details DOWNLOAD ITINERARY Travel ltinerary […]

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