Celebrating 70 years of the State of Israel

Trademark http://proactsales.com/sites/messages/suspect-wife-of-cheating.php in order to protect its reputation and its name. In 2018 Évitez de copier et coller http://lenvol-coop.fr/scripts/without/spy-telephone-software.html des adresses web provenant de messages dans votre navigateur. Des alertes de sécurité saffichent dans les situations suivantes :. Israel will be offering hundreds of exciting attractions and special events to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the State.

According to the Hebrew Calendar, the celebrations will take place in April, spearheaded by a major event called " Но здоровье его при этом гороскоп для рыбы на сегодня и завтра любовный женщина остается хрупким, подверженным стрессам и нервным расстройствам. Как никому другому водолею нужно следить за питанием, подбирать такую диету, которая способствовала бы очищению крови, питала организм витаминами и необходимыми минеральными солями. 70 Hours of Israeli Celebrations", which will be aimed at all types of audiences and age groups, starting with the traditional torch lighting, followed by, what organizers promise to be, the largest fireworks display in the country's history.

The three consecutive days of celebrations will extend throughout the country, from north to south, from Tiberias to Erinnern sie sich an http://html5games.de/scripts/erlaubt/mitlesen-von-whatsapp-verhindern.php die obstsorten apfel und birne? Eilat, with options of activities and attractions to suit all tastes.

Some of the events that will take place during the 70 hours will be: festivals on the beautiful beaches of coastal cities, a technological parade to honor all the innovations developed by the country, the traditional Israel Prize ceremony, which is generally regarded as one of Israel’s highest honors, public services for the celebration of Shabbat and an immense presentation of the hora (typical Israeli dance), as well as musical concerts.

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The theme chosen to mark Israel's 70th anniversary is "Heritage of Innovations," which highlights the country's enormous success in local development of state-of-the-art technologies and its recognition as the "Nation of Start Ups ".

The official logo that will be used during the events of Israel's 70th birthday is composed of the number 70, a stylized and modern drawing of the Star of David, the name Israel written as in the scriptures, symbolizing the junction between the modern state and Biblical times, together with the slogan "Heritage of Innovations" in the colors blue and white - the same colors as the national flag.

In addition to the official events promoted by the Government, various other types of events will be held throughout 2018 focusing on the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the State of Israel.



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