Chinese VIP Group

A group of 9 V.I.P’s from China spent 7 days touring Israel and Jordan on a leisure tour.

While in Israel the group enjoyed some unique activities which included a thrilling helicopter ride over the Golan Heights with magnificent scenery and an overlook of Gilgal Refuim – or Rujm al-Hiri, the mystifying site consisting of  basalt rocks set in concentric circles.

The V.I.P’s also enjoyed a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee on a private boat before traveling to Jordan for a few days of sightseeing including visiting the magnificent Rose City - Petra.

Upon their return to Israel the group spent some time, over and above the special activities, touring the sites of Jerusalem and Bethlehem, enjoying a magnificent night time sound and light show at the City of David, visiting Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial and the Old City of Jerusalem. They enjoyed a special lunch with a private chef in a private wine cellar near Jerusalem and experienced an adventure experience playing war games. 

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