Discover Israel Through Its Best Attractions

Israel is a country full of many amazing places and different touristic attractions. Many people travel to Israel and enjoy some of the most unique places on earth. In this article you will discover some of the best attractions in Israel that you should not miss on your next trip.


Museums in Israel you must visit

Here are some of the must see museums in Israel:


The Israel Museum – The Israel museum is a famous art and archeology museum located in Jerusalem. In this museum you will find ancient European art, many amazing sculptures and archeological artifacts and among the most fascinating objects presented in the Israel Museum you will find the Dead Sea Scrolls.


Tel Aviv Museum of Art –This art museum of Tel Aviv hosts various exhibitions of modern art from all over the world. You will find works of great painters such as Van Gogh and Picasso alongside with Israel’s most accomplished and familiar artists.


Yad VaShem – This museum is a must visit for every tourist in Israel. Located in Jerusalem, Yad Vashem is a memorial museum to the millions of victims of the Holocaust. The exhibitions include personal stories and photographs of the victims and the survivals of the Holocaust. This museum will be one of the most powerful and unforgettable experiences of your trip.


Shrine of the Book  Tel Aviv Art Museum  Yad Vashem 


Best touristic attractions in Israel

Dead Sea – The most amazing Israel attraction is probably the Dead Sea. It is the lowest place in the world, and the saltiest sea that contains no marine life due to its unique mineral composition. You must not miss swimming in the dead sea, when in fact it is merely impossible to swim in the water but rather float on its salty waves.


Jerusalem – Jerusalem is the most sacred place in the world, being an important city for the Jewish, Muslim and Christian religions. In Jerusalem you will find many interesting places, historical sites from different periods of time, religious sites like the western wall, Muslim mosques and Christian Churches, cultural sites, exotic markets and museums. You will need at least a week to get to know this rich and fascinating city .If you are looking for a hotel, A chain of Dan Hotels in Jerusalem offer you a comfortable place to stay in Jerusalem as you explore the attractions of this unique city.


Eilat – Eilat is the most southern city of Israel and a true holiday resort. You will be able to enjoy some of the best hotels in Israel, and the finest beaches of the red sea, swim with the dolphins and scuba diving in the most beautiful sea in the world. Many tourists, from Israel and abroad fall in love with Eilat and spend there most of their holidays. But remember, vacation is not only the touristic sites and activities but also the pleasure of luxurious rooms, nice swimming pools and delicious cuisines that you will find in Eilat’s best hotels.



Dead Sea   Jerusalem Old City   Eilat diving with dolphins 

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