Group Tours to the Holy Land

A tour of the Holy Land is looked upon as a lifetime experience and a memorable event that is to be cherished forever. It is the place where the past mingles with the present, yet provides a contemporary knowledge of the most powerful happenings on the stage of history. There is so much to see and enjoy in this ancient land that the trip should be planned thoughtfully to maximize the time and avail of a satiating experience. History comes alive as you explore the life of Jesus in Jerusalem and Galilee, the saga of Masada, the Zealotry of the Crusaders and Ottoman Empire and the ultimate establishment of the State of Israel.


Egypt Sphinx             Petra


A tour of the Holy Land comprising Israel, Egypt and Jordan provides an amazing spiritual experience to the Jews, Christians and Moslems alike. Group tours provide customized itineraries and programs that will help you choose your areas of interest, such as culture, sightseeing, archaeology, and so on. They focus on several interest groups to provide educational tours, religious tours, historical tours, desert tours and nature-oriented tours. It is rather an emotional experience and many people claim that even for those who have traveled a lot and been on several cruises, the Holy Land experience cannot be beaten.


Group tours are probably the best option, particularly for first-time visitors and for those who are not used to foreign travel. The planning is done by the agency or organizer and hence you are free from worries of accommodation and transport facilities. Besides, you will have the companionship of other people who share common interests and beliefs. When it comes to women, group travel is advantageous, as it overcomes the hassles faced by lone travelers in the Middle-East, or rather any part of the world. Further, as the tour is pre-paid, you need not be anxious of expenses through the tour. Visas are arranged by the agencies and you can access a guide who is aware of the local environment, language and custom.


 Gethsemane        Caesarea 


You can cover many places over a short duration, and with the Bible as the guide, for many it is a journey of their lifetime. Israel tours focus on the places where Jesus traversed, such as the Garden of Gethsemane, Mount of Olives, Sea of Galilee and much more including the modern cities of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Israel offers a great opportunity to explore the cultural heritage and the origin of Abrahamic religions. Jordan tours highlight the amazing archaeological treasures namely, Roman ruins, Crusader fortresses, Moslem mosques and much-anticipated destinations like the rose-red city of Petra. Egyptian destinations include the pyramids of Cairo, the Egyptian museum, Nile Cruise trips and other destinations like Alexandria, Aswan and Luxor.


The Holy Land experience is based on a series of awesome historical events, rather than a modern geographical concept. Group tours combine several factors, such as vacation, travel, archaeology, history, spirituality and warmth and enable you to explore new areas of your life through a thrilling and emotional experience.



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