How to Turn Your Holy Land Tour into an Exciting Experience

A visit to Israel is often a spiritual or religious adventure for most. It can also be a place of great beauty and history. But Israel is also a place for an exciting travel experience. If you’re looking for fun, adventure and a great time from your holiday, then the Holy Land is definitely a place you should mark on your list. Find out how to turn your holiday tour into an exciting travel experience.


First, while you can absolutely tour the country on your own, hiring a tour operator can help a great deal with many things. They have access to so many fun, wild and adventurous things to do that you may or may not have even thought about. Not only can a tour operator completely plan your activities if you so desire, but they can grease all the proper wheels, make sure everything runs smoothly and get past any red tape. They can also, if you so wish, connect you with other people of similar mind and desires to you who can tour with you. Meeting many fun, new and exciting people from all over the world is definitely an adventure and the shared experience can form bonds that will connect you for a lifetime.


Finding a guide can also amp up the Israel experience for you. Imagine the stories and background information they have and their ability to turn an experience into a living, breathing classroom as they color the boring speeches with fabulous historical stories of David fighting Goliath, or how Masada was home to a mass suicide of 1,000 rather than surrender to the Roman enemy. Imagine getting up at the crack of dawn to scale the winding snake path up to the top of Masada, and to relive and imagine history, as if you yourself were there.


    Masada         Masada ruins


You can also raft down the Jordan river, where John the Baptist baptized Jesus, ride a camel for the first time, go canyoning in the Negev Desert, or spend a night living like a Bedouin with the incredible nomadic people who still roam the Negev Desert to this day.


Jordan River             Avdat


Who says you can’t have it all? Israel is a place with everything to offer – spirituality, history, culture, tradition, fun, excitement, beauty and adventure.




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