Old Jaffa

Visitors to Israel should not miss seeing the remarkable ancient city of Jaffa. In Christian Legend it is believed that the city was named after Japhet, the son of Noah and archeology and ancient documents show that Jaffa has been in existence as a Port City for over 4000 years. It is believed by historians that this is the only port worldwide that has been inhabited without interruption throughout its existence.


Jaffa is mentioned numerous times in both the Old and New Testaments. It is mentioned in the books of Joshua, Jonah, Ezra and Chronicles and is the place where Peter is said to have performed a miracle.



Jaffa Port              Old Jaffa


Today, Jaffa has become a major tourist attraction with its many art galleries and studios and variety of souvenir shops lining the charming narrow cobblestoned alleys. Visitors can take pleasure in dining in any of the wide variety of restaurants or just view the amazing ancient Port and the magnificently restored Jaffa Harbor. Enjoy the incredible views across to modern Tel Aviv which are particularly beautiful at sunset and take in the picturesque gardens along the seafront.


All visitors to this historic city will be thrilled by the signs of the multicultural aspect that are found here but it is obvious that there is an extra significance for Christians visitors to the Holy Land as biblical Joppa (Jaffa) as it is from here that Jonah sailed to Tarshish when he was attempting to run away from God and where Peter healed Tabitha and had a vision on the roof of Simon the Tanner’s house.



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