In Israel we are now over 4 million people vaccinated. We are returning to a more normal life as public places have reopened. The airport has opened for Israeli citizens to return home and soon we will be receiving our first excited foreign visitors. All arrangements will be according to the Health Ministry regulations.

Whilst waiting for our groups to arrive your Tour Operators in Israel at Vered Hasharon Tours are doing educational tours to see and learn about the many attractions we can offer you on your Holy Land Tours.

On one of our recent educational tours we went down south to the negev and visited the settlement Netiv HaAsara which is the nearest Israeli settlement closest to the border with the Gaza Strip. The original settlement was founded in the Sinai, Egypt in 1973 ( at this time the Sinai was under Israeli rule).

In 1978 Egyptian prime minister Anwar Sadat and Israeli prime minister Menachen Begin signed the famous peace treaty between Israel and Egypt. This agreement led to Sadat and Begin receiving the shared Noble Peace Prize in 1978.
Israel gave over the Sinai to Egyptian rule and this meant the Israeli settlements in Sinai were evacuated and resettled within the Israeli boundaries.

Netiv HaAsara settlement made a new home with 70 families in 1982 on the Gaza Strip border. Today the settlement consists of a community of 250 families.
This settlement has become a very popular tourist attraction among foreign visitors.
A local resident is happy to host in their home with tea and cake and you can listen to their interesting stories on how they live on a border settlement.

There is an observation platform where you can view Gaza to the south and Ashkelon to the north.
“Path to Peace” is a peace project and has a visitors center where you can hear Tsameret – creator of “Path to Peace” tell her story of how she decided to take the concrete gray wall dividing Netiv HaAsara from their neighbors in Gaza and make it into a symbol of peace. The wall is covered by thousands of mosaic ceramics depicting peace and hope which the visitors have placed on the wall.

When you visit you will also receive a colorful mosaic ceramic of peace and hope to place on the wall and leave your mark.

Stay in tune and keep updated with new Holy Land Tours recommendations.

Your Tour Operators in Israel are here. The future of tourism looks bright.

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