Tel Aviv Architecture recognized

The International travel magazine Conde Nast has chosen the world’s best cities that should be visited by every devotee of architectural design amongst which Tel Aviv is ranked No. 3.


The UNESCO World Heritage Site -  the  “White City”  - Tel Aviv has approximately 4000 international style buildings built in the 1930’s and 1940’s designed by German."Bauhaus” architects, who planned a city by the sea by creating affordable modern buildings with curved lines and colours suitable for the Mediterranean climate. The building was undertaken to house the flood of Jewish refugees who were escaping Europe in the early 20th century.



Bauhaus          Bauhaus architecture        



The Mayor of Tel Aviv responded to this honour by saying "The founders of Tel Aviv entrusted us with a large treasure of 4,000 Bauhaus and international style buildings. Thanks to them we were able to apply for and be recognized as a world heritage site. This move entailed great effort and the conservation process is ongoing."


The same magazine also highly praised Israeli ice cream citing Halva Ice Cream as “The supreme summer treat” 


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