Tel Aviv Promenade

The vibrant and cosmopolitan city of Tel Aviv with its world class beaches, attracts millions of tourists every year and one of the best places to experience the ambience of this lively city is to walk along the seafront promenade (Tayelet in Hebrew). This promenade runs all the way from the Old Port in the North of Tel Aviv to the ancient port of Jaffa in the South.


Starting in the North at the Old Port it is difficult to imagine that only a little less than a decade ago this area was derelict, the transformation is incredible as today it has become one of the most popular venues in the city for dining, shopping and a variety of leisure time activities.         


Continuing south along the promenade on the Tel Aviv beachfront, the grand Mediterranean Riviera feeling is emphasized as you pass the beautiful modern hotels, enjoy the vibrant scenery, the elegant shops and the trendy seaside cafes.


Beachfront restaurant in Tel Aviv           Promenade in Tel Aviv



Approaching the ancient port city of Jaffa you will pass by the Charles Core Park that is situated on the promenade between the business district and the sea.  This green park is located on the Tel-Aviv promenade, between the business district with its modern high-rise buildings and the sea. There are always people to be seen from all over the world speaking a diversity of languages all mixing together, Jewish and Arab Israeli families with their children having fun in the playground in peaceful coexistence. You will also see tourists on their way to visit beautiful Jaffa.


Promenade in Tel Aviv           Jaffa Port



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