Visit one of the Oldest Continuously Inhabited Settlements on Earth


We are now in the process of planning our Holy Land Tours with our experienced Tour Operators in Israel. Today we will visit the lively colourful market in Acre.

Not only is Acre an ancient city which is one of the Oldest continuously inhabited cities on earth it also has a World Heritage site.

Travelling a few kilometres north of Haifa on the coastal plain along the beautiful blue Mediterranean Sea on your left you will reach the ancient port city of Acre. Also known as Akko.

Ancient Acre is a historical walled port city with continuous settlement from the Phoenician period.




There is so much to see in Acre which offers something of interest to all who visit it whether young or old, religious or nonreligious. This magical city will enchant you.

Modern day Acre has a population of Jews, Muslims, Christians, Druze as well as Bahai who all live in harmony with each other. In fact, Acre is the holiest city of the Bahai faith and many Bahai pilgrims from around the world visit the Bahai establishment in Acre.

Your Holy Land Tours should include a trip to Acre and your Tour Operators in Israel will recommend a few of the different sites to see in Acre. 

You can spend hours walking around this ancient port city which has the remains of a crusader town going back to 1101 -1291, a citadel, mosques, khans, churches and a wonderful colourful market.


One of the main attractions in Acre whilst exploring, is its colourful market with street vendors selling freshly squeezed lemon juice with fresh mint or if you prefer a freshly squeezed glass of pomegranate juice. 

If only you could get a whiff of the lovely herbs and spices and all the delicious pastries coming from the market through your screen now. The colours of all the fruits and vegetables, the different types and colors of olives and the best falafel and humus in a pita bread will really put you in a special place. No dieting here as there are huge tables of all kinds of sweet pastries, the most famous being Knafeh which is a Middle Eastern warm cheese pastry. No trip to Acre can go without savouring this speciality.



And remember whilst walking through the market you are walking back in time in one of the oldest inhabited cities on earth.

Once you have finished your market walk and eaten the best falafel and humus, you will arrive at the ancient harbour of Acre with a lovely view of the blue Mediterranean sea where you can add a boat ride from Acre to Haifa and have your bus collect you in Haifa or enjoy a swim in the sea or continue to other interesting sites.

Stay tuned while planning your Holy Land Tours and watch out for your Tour Operators in Israel recommendations on our site. We will be back with more interesting info and sites in Acre. 


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